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Reasons to Stop Animal Testing

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Good morning. I am here today to convince you all to oppose, stop, and disengage from the cruel and unnecessary animal testing.

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Did you know that the lipstick, the eye shadow and the mascara we use to make ourselves look more attractive have poisoned hundreds of thousands of innocent animals?

Did you know that the hairspray, the hair gel and the perfume we use to make ourselves look smarter have blinded hundreds of thousands of innocent animals? Did you know that even the toothpaste, the shampoo and the soap we use every day have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent animals?

If your answer is ’No’, now is the time for all of us to know it. Animal testing is not only a research to find cures for human diseases, it is also an experimentation to establish safety of various products such as daily necessities, cosmetic products and medicines. To produce a safe product for us, numerous animals have died in laboratories. To ensure our health, numerous animals have been tortured in laboratories. To let us stay away from diseases, numerous animals have been killed.

Animals and humans might share much of their DNA, but we are all built differently and we all function differently. There are many problems with the animal to human researching that occurs and makes animal testing ineffective have gone through the unbearable aches and pains in laboratories.

Animals do not get many of the human diseases that people do, such as major types of heart disease, many types of cancer, HIV, Parkinson’s disease, or schizophrenia. Instead, signs of these diseases are artificially induced in animals in laboratories in an attempt to mimic the human disease. It is not surprising to find that treatments showing ‘promise’ in animals rarely work in humans. Not only are time, money and animals’ lives being wasted (with a huge amount of suffering), but effective treatments are being mistakenly discarded and harmful treatments are getting through. The support for animal testing is based largely on anecdote and is not backed up, we believe, by the scientific evidence that is out there.

90% of drugs fail in human trials despite promising results in animal tests – whether on safety grounds or because they do not work. Cancer drugs have the lowest success rate (only 5% are approved after entering clinical trials) followed by psychiatry drugs (6% success rate), heart drugs (7% success rate) and neurology drugs (8% success rate). Vioxx, a drug used to treat arthritis, was found to be safe when tested in monkeys (and five other animal species) but has been estimated to have caused around 320,000 heart attacks and strokes and 140,000 deaths worldwide.

The federal government and many health charities waste precious dollars from taxpayers and well-meaning donors on animal experiments at universities and private laboratories, instead of supporting promising clinical, epidemiological, and other non-animal studies that could actually benefit humans. As hard as it is to believe, animal experiments for cosmetics and household products continue even though non-animal tests are widely available. Instead of measuring how long it takes a chemical to burn the cornea of a rabbit’s eye, manufacturers can now drop that chemical onto cornea-like 3D tissue structures produced from human cells. Likewise, human skin cultures can be grown and purchased for skin irritation testing.

We have no the right to use animals as the subject for any researches or experimentations just as we do not have the right to experiment on humans without their consent. We should respect the right of all species just as we respect the right of all people. We should pitch in with the work against animal testing and stand up for animal rights, for the animals tortured and yelled behind laboratory doors just as we stand up for our own right.

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In conclusion, animal testing is not reliable and is very expensive. Animal testing is inhumane and now that there are alternatives to this, there is no excuse for anyone to still commit this act. I suggest that governments fully ban animal testing, so that the world becomes a better and safer place for both animals and humans. I believe that with the changes in technology these days, we are able to find more ways and methods that scientists and researchers can do without involving any cruelties and causing any harm to any creatures.

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This essay on animal testing is well-structured and engaging, with a clear thesis statement and supporting arguments. The writer uses strong examples to illustrate their points, such as the harmful effects of cosmetics on animals. The essay is written in an active and persuasive voice that effectively communicates the author's stance on the issue. Sentence structure and grammar are generally strong, although there are a few minor errors. Overall, the essay provides a convincing argument against animal testing and raises important ethical considerations.
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While the essay is well-organized and persuasive, there are some areas that could be improved to enhance its overall effectiveness. For example, the writer uses colloquial phrases such as "get through" and "pitch in" that detract from the formal tone of the essay. Additionally, some sentences are overly long and could be broken up for greater clarity. For instance, the sentence "To produce a safe product for us, numerous animals have died in laboratories" could be rephrased as "Countless animals have died in laboratories in order to produce safe products for human use." Furthermore, the writer could benefit from using stronger and more precise vocabulary to enhance the persuasiveness of their argument. For example, the phrase "harmful treatments are getting through" could be improved with a more specific verb, such as "are being approved." Overall, the essay effectively communicates the importance of ending animal testing, but could benefit from greater attention to detail in terms of sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary choice.
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