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The Legalization of Marihuana

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Thien-Son TonProf. Sule

English 1301

15 December 2017

The Legalization of Marijuana

According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, marijuana is the most common illegal drug used in the United States. Due to its popularity in the states, the most heated topic about the drug is if it should be legalized in the United States. Many of the people that believe marijuana should be legalized is to use the drug recreationally, while the other percentage of people deem the medication will help in the medical field as well as the economy. The drug, marijuana, should be legalized in the United States to serve as a necessary medicine in the medical department and the drug will assist with the socioeconomic status of the country.

Marijuana or Cannabis sativa has been around for thousands of years originating from Asia, and the drug then made its way over to North America in the very early 1900s according to LiveScience. The use of cannabis has remained the same for thousands of years, for the most part, it was widely used for medicine and spiritual purposes,” during pre-modern times, said Warf, a professor of geography at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. The Vikings and medieval Germans used cannabis for relieving pain during childbirth and for toothaches. Marijuana is still used in hospitals today as explained by the National Institute of Drug Abuse; it can be taken orally to treat nausea, pain, and a multitude of illnesses and their respective effects.

Marijuana described as a greenish-grey dried up plant, commonly seen as a leaf with five connected leaves called the fan leaves. Many names afflict with Cannabis sativa, such as weed, pot, grass, Mary Jane, and an extensive number of other slang terms. It is common to see people smoke it in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints, in pipes, vaporizers, bongs, or in blunts. The drug can be mixed into foods known as edibles; incorporated into brownies, cookies, or other sweets. Marijuana can even be brewed into a tea for medical purposes. In states where marijuana is still illegal, regular people usually buy the drug from a local drug dealer while in states where it is legal there are stores that sell them legally. Marijuana is naturally found throughout the world is one of the most recognizable drugs in the world. This facility is known to be a drug that gives users a “high” and is illegal in many locations in the world.

Some locations are very strict when it comes to enforcing that law while others are very lenient. Today more and more people are deciding to side with pro-marijuana legalization for America. People that never gave marijuana legalization a thought or were heavily against it are now starting to believe legalization would prove helpful for the United States of America. There are many reasons why many people support marijuana legalization, and one of those reasons is the benefit of marijuana being a medicinal drug.

Some states in America have already legalized the use of marijuana for medical use only, while many have not. Other countries like Canada have already allowed medical marijuana use. (“17 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC – Medical Marijuana –” 17 Sept. 2012.) The fact that states and other nations have allowed the use of marijuana for an important aspect of medicine should make the drug legal. Marijuana as a medicine can relieve pain for its users along with other benefits. It is also beneficial to the everyday person for the relief of migraines, OCD’s, ADHD, ADD, and even prevention of Alzheimer’s. The drug also has no proven or tested medical drawbacks (“10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana.” COED. 2. Sept. 2010.) Unlike other drugs like sleep aids, painkillers, alcohol, and cigarettes, marijuana is not addictive. Of course, the argument could be made that it is, but off of what information? No factual evidence proves that marijuana is addictive but used merely as pleasure.

People that are anti-marijuana legalization will say that it is unhealthy and harmful to you. But all of these assumptions are made based on opinion on the drug, and its lousy image people get from it. Also, people against the legalization of marijuana quickly attack the topic of the medical use of marijuana and instead state it is unhealthy for the body. Another claim is the fact that people would abuse the drug and cause damage to the body. Marijuana has never been proven to cause any harm to the body, and there is not a single recorded death of an overdose of marijuana. But just like everything else you do it must be done in moderation like sweets, food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. The reason why there isn’t that much reliable information against legalization is that it is already legal medically and many studies and tests have been done already. With that said there is no need to go back and test things on marijuana that have already been tested.

Another belief that pro-marijuana legalization protesters have is the thoughts of economic relief. The topic of financial assistance from marijuana legalization has been brought up countless times, and indeed only by the pro side. The reason why the pro supporters bring up the economic relief topic is that it is true. No one expects that America will recover economically by becoming a “pot nation,” but it will help to bring America out of the hole it is in a legalizing marijuana would in no way hurt the American economy at all. Regulation of the drug will bring money into the state and ultimately the nation, and it will decrease the unemployment rate by creating more jobs. Right now medical marijuana in California brings in 14 billion dollars a year, and with legalization, it is expected to rise by 4 billion dollars. With the rise of income, there will also be cuts in government spending.

Every single year America spends around 68 billion dollars on prisoners in jail where 1/6 of the population are incarcerated due to nonviolent drug crimes related to marijuana. That means America could save 11.5 billion dollars a year on prison spending with your tax money (Wolff, Madeline. “Legalizing Marijuana Can Reduce Crime, Increase Revenue For State.” Daily Sundial.) People that support the cause feel that legalizing marijuana would help bring America out of its economic struggle. The government can regulate the drug in the states by taxing the drug and distributing it for consumption, therefore, assisting the financial state of the country.

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