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What Factors Influence a Decrease in Couple’s Communication Over Time

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In this article, the authors examined the communication patterns of 54 couples where a companion was diagnosed with symptoms of depressive disorder. This study also examined whether couple’s who were unsatisfied romantically was correlated to the possibility of being clinically depressed than those who are content in their current relationships, as well as measuring MDD criterion symptoms and frequently correlated non-criterion symptoms of MDD.

This group of 54 couples included 30 in-patient and 24 outpatient couples, where 60 depressed individuals (30 inpatient & 24 outpatient), including 6 depressed male companions and 48 not diagnosed with depression, all individuals had to meet the criteria for MDD in order to participate in the study.

There were three categories of couples used for this study being, Initiate-Initiate, Avoid- Avoid, and Initiate-Avoid, that all couples fell into. There was shown only 6 IDS to have significant F-value for the study. There was shown to be significant MDD criterion symptoms (depressed mood, quality of mood, weight change, concentration & decision making, energy or lack of energy). Two groups had individuals who were satisfied in their relationship and with their companion and expressed positive emotions, while those individuals not happy in their relationships did not express great positive emotions during testing’s. Initiate-Avoid couples showed significantly higher sadness, being hard to distinguish from signs of grief, in comparison to the other groups of couples.

Grief distinction occurred as relational satisfaction rates increased. In regards to weight increase, there were no predictors discovered to be statistically significant. In reference to poor concentration & decision making, there was shown to be significance with Avoid -Avoid had poor concentration & decision making skills than Initiate-Avoid couples, while Initiate- Initiate couples showed significance in regards to low energy/fatigue.

The relevance of this study in correlation to my paper is it provide difference reasons why communication can be attacked such as depression, which can affect energy levels, decision making, attentiveness, weight gain, and other elements.

The take home note is, depression could trigger other factors that lead to communication problems in relationships.

Kelly, A.B., Helford, W.K., & Young, R.M. (2002). Couple communication and female problem drinking: A behavioral observation study. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 16(3), 269- 271. doi: 10.1037/0893-164X.16.3.269.

In this particle article, the purpose for this writing is to analyze communication skills when women are the ones accused of abusing alcohol, as well as a comparison of couples who don’t have issues stemming from alcohol usage, and couples who reported not having any problems with communication nor alcohol. The sample size for this study consisted of various couples being, 24 MDNA, 24 NDNA, and 19 MDWA. In order to test whether distress was prevalent, each partner had to obtain scores less than 100 on the DAS. Those without distress consisted of neither companion fulfilling this criterion.

One criteria for the MDWA couples was their inability to select alcohol as the source of problem, in order to assess general communication behavior. During these testing periods, videotaping was implemented and Rapid KPI was used to code behaviors. In order to test Hypothesis 2, different factors were examined.

It was discovered that no significant variance over groups persisted in reference to age, number of years married, children, schooling, or social class. In addition to this, men in the MDWA group were shown to be distressed, and showed significance than other groups. This showed the possibility of behavioral disparity between MDNA and MDWA couples based on males’ relational satisfaction. The differential male DAS score display a difference between MDNA and MDWA couples. In addition to these findings, there was mixed reviews correlated to Hypothesis 1. Unfortunately, women in the MDWA group expected poor scores in regards to listening, while the group of men labeled MDWA expected negative feedback in speaking.

The relevance for this study was it showed how alcohol can be problematic in a couple’s relationship, but it also shows where other factors can assist in the decline in communication, not being alcohol related. The take away point to this entire study is that when alcohol is abused, whether by male or female, it places a strain on communication and provokes negative behaviors, however without the usage of alcohol in a marriage, communication can become strained due to other elements.

Top 10 Causes of Relationship Communication Problems. (January 3, 2018). Retrieved from https://www.marriage.com/advice/communication/top-10-causes-of-relationship- communication-problems/

The purpose for the research regarding 10 causes of relationship communication problems, provides the reader with a list of elements attributable to the failure or decline in communication. This website also provides individuals with explanation as to how these factors contribute to the decline in communication.

For this particular site, there were no samples provided, neither was there a method used. The results provided a list of items that affect communication, which includes: too much screen time, casual jealousy, harsh words, unrealistic expectations, hiding feelings, making them responsible for us, not knowing their love language, keeping score, poor listening skills, and lack of empathy.

The main theme is without good communication, there will be constant turmoil within the relationship. It is important that both individuals have great listening skills as well as communication skills in order to better navigate their marriage or relationships.

This article is relevant to my topic because it provides me with a listing of factors that attribute to the decline in communication and how to remedy these factors so that spouses or significant others, can better their communication skills.

Zemp, M.M., Nussbeck, F.W., Cummings, E.M., & Bodenmann, G. (2017). The Spillover of Child-Related Stress into Parents Relationship Mediated by Couple Communication. Family Relation, 66(2), 317-330. doi:10.1111/fare.12244

This study purposed to examine how parents’ perceive child-related stress impacts couples communication skills and how satisfied each person is in their relationships.

The sample consisted of 118 parental couples living in Switzerland. In conjunction with this, each couple participated in a conflict discussion assignment in order to gain an observational measure of couples’ communication condition.

It was discovered that stress among parents, related to children, was precisely connected to why both partners are not being satisfied in their relationship. Also, it was revealed that one partners’ stress (child related) was in direct correlation with the other partners’ quality of communication. Increased stress levels, related to children, caused a decline in the quality of communication, and affected how satisfied individuals were in their relationship.

This research showed that there is a correlation between stress caused by children, being among the issues, that may debilitate parents’ quality of relationship, and somewhat increasing the declination of couples ability to communicate.

The reason why this particular study is conducive to my paper is because it gives a different perspective as to how outside factors, being a couples’ own child/children, can be the reason for the decline in a couple’s ability to communicate effectively.

The take home note in regards to this study is children play a great role in a couple’s relationship, and unfortunately, when children cause stress to their parents this in-turn effects the communication between both spouses.

Zhaoyang, R., Maritire, L.M., & Stanford, A. M. (2018). Disclosure and holding back: Communication, psychological adjustment, and marital satisfaction among couples coping with osteoarthritis. Journal of Family Psychology, 32(3), 412-418. doi:10.1037/fam0000390

In this article, the researchers conducted a study to examine disclosure, as it relates to illness, and holding back. These two factors were used in order to examine satisfaction in marriage and its affiliation psychologically, with individuals suffering from osteoarthritis in their knee and their companion.

The sample size for this study included 142 couples, who provided written consent, osteoarthritis in the knee, minimal age of 50, permanent relationships where they cohabitate, and showing symptoms of depression within a 1 year period. The data retrieved came from an experimental study needed to obtain feedback on how couples cope with osteoarthritis that extended over an 18 month period, where a 6 and 18 month follow up was conducted.

The study showed low to moderate correlation between holding back and disclosure, where there was no significant difference among spouses and patients. However, it was noted that patients held back more than their spouse or companion during follow-ups. The completion of the examination showed concerns were correlated with patients’ pain as well as other symptoms. Finance and treatment were amongst the reasons why individuals divulged concerns on a greater level for the two assessments.

The testing’s showed no evidence to support the hypothesis concerning marital satisfaction and communication skills dealing with disclosing information or holding back information from a spouse or significant other.

The relevance of this topic is showing how communication can be altered based on one’s physical ability. How partners are willing to hold back thoughts and expressions because of their spouse (patient) condition. The take away message is no matter the physical condition of a spouse, it is important that both individuals, whether patient or spouse, are totally honest and forthcoming with information. When the spouse who is physically well does this, per the study, this has caused them to fall into depressive behaviors.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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