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Analyzing Microsoft Corporation and Apple Inc. Marketing Processes

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Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. Marketing Processes Analysis

Marketing provides a clear engagement within a given environment and thus creates a better understanding of the key underlying issues, which an organization puts in place to ensure that it is well engaged in a given industry. It is therefore important to understand that different organizations put in place varying marketing strategies, which they focus on to ensure that they remain highly competitive. Therefore being in a position to understand the target market creates a very well engaged organizational environment where they are able to incorporate quality measures, which focus on effective and successful organizational performance. Marketing is an important aspect within an organizational development since it focuses significantly on the significant understanding of customer preferences. Marketing therefore significantly focuses on the already developed target market, which is put into consideration in order to ensure that the organization is well engaged in the market. This report thus provides a significant understanding on the existing marketing strategies within Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation.

Apple Incorporation

Apple Incorporation is one of the leading tech companies at the global stage. The company offers various state of the art electronic devices, which are aimed at revolutionizing the technological world for better and quality products and services. The apple Inc. has had a great influence on most of the markets especially customers who are looking for high-end electronics that can serve them efficiently. The apple company has gained advantage in the market by offering much-differentiated products to the market, which have greatly played a huge role in position that the company has in the market. The cost of products that are offered by the company are very high which outlines the quality of the electronics that are offered by the Apple Company. The uniqueness and quality of the company products has provided a better environment where the company has significantly improved its overall market performance in recent years. Thus, the company is significantly engaged in the market with a specialized target group (Hennessy, 2017).

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is a technology giant company, which has really revolutionized the technology world through the development of significant products in the market. The company has been performing at a high level over the years and thus its overall engagement in the market has created a better environment where the company is well engaged through its marketing strategies. Microsoft employs a mix of both demographic and behavioral segmentation to divide its wide market into groups for effective engagement. The segmentation focus on similarity in characteristics among the group members within the market. However, the overall focus of Microsoft is mainly to ensure that their customers are satisfied by providing products that reflect the preferences of the members within the segmented groups. The customer-centered strategy that has been adopted by the company has created a very significant environment where the company has remained aware of the customer preferences within its segmented groups creating a better environment for further development as a company (Burns & Bush, 2013).

Marketing success evidence for Apple

The key focus for the Apple incorporation success in the market has been its innovative strategy, which has created a very much-enabled environment where the company has been having significant positive engagement in the market. The company has remained competitive through its innovative strategy in the market. The apple Inc. has had a great influence on most of the markets especially customers who are looking for high-end electronics that can serve them efficiently. However, the mid and lower end markets have been greatly ignored by the Apple Incorporation while the market is largely made up of the mid and lower end users. Therefore in order for the apple company to develop a better strategy which can propel them to future success (Ireland, Hoskisson & Hitt, 2008).

The Apple Company has integrated the services of major retail stores to help in the marketing of its electronics in a more easy way. Other alliances and partnership that the company has include manufacturing companies, which produce significant parts that the company is able to use in developing its electronics which are unique from other products in the market. Apple Company boosts one of the most versatile vertical integration strategies in the electronic world, which places it at a very significant position making it very difficult for the rival companies to have any influence on its market share. The company is self-sustaining in the sense that it produces its own hardware and software thus reducing the dependence on other companies where it is much easier to corrupt the quality of its products (Hennessy, 2017).

The products that are developed by Apple incorporation are very distinct and of high quality which sets them apart from the existing products in the market. In addition, of the high quality products developed by the company, the company has a very strong brand name, which plays a very significant role in creating organizational awareness since it is associated with quality products and top-level service. The Apple Company has significantly identified its target market where they have been able to achieve significant level of engagement within the industry. The company produces unique high quality products where it focuses on the high-class target market. The company has developed significantly over the years and thus the customers are very much able to buy the company products (Kanagal, 2015).

This important focus points within the company’s marketing environment have created a very significant brand that is trusted across the globe. Apple is one of the well-engaged and trusted companies in the market due to their specialized focus in the market and effectively understanding the key demands within the market.

Market success for Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the most strategic business organization that capitalizes on every existing loophole within the market in order to create a clear strategy where it can engage its wide range of customers. The Microsoft Corporation has been successful in engaging its global market through successful market segmentation. The segments that have been developed by the company are based on similarity in characteristics among individuals in a given group as well as pricing. The company has been able to put in place a critical strategy, which has ensured that different market segments are engaged different as well as considering the firm’s pricing mechanism (King, 2004).

The focus on Microsoft Corporation is to ensure that individuals across the globe are able to capitalize on the existing technology through one of the company’s products. The significant focus by the company in both hardware and software has created a very important environment where there is significant understanding and engaging wide target market. The company has created its products much compatible with other systems, which has really improved on the company diversity and inclusion of its customers to try out new engagements on the company platform (Kane, 2015).

The company has put in place a very critical and significant strategy, which has created a better environment since it focuses on different target market depending on class. Both the high class and low class individuals are able to access the products and services offered by the company through their significant pricing strategy and production of products, which target specific market environment. This strategy has been able to positively influence the company productivity and thus creating a much-enabled environment where the company can be able to successfully engage a wide range of market (Hisrich & Ramadani, 2017).

The company has rebranded in recent past to a value based company in a bid to have a significant influence in the market. The company has been in operation for a long time and thus it has been able to navigate through the different economic times and the changing market environment while remaining as a major force within the technology industry. The overall wellbeing of the company and the experience in the market has created a very different environment where its focus has been to develop a customer-based company with a significant focus to engage varying target market. The demand for technology is continuously increasing which is creating a well-enabled environment where the company can improve on its market engagement even further (Friedman & Chiou, 2015).

Microsoft Corporation has a very high number of products and services offered in the market, which gives it a competitive edge over its rival. The firm is well engaged where all these services and products have been well received in the market and most preferred which has ensured that the company is successful. The compatibility factor of the company products and services is also a vital aspect to note since it has created a very critical environment where the firm’s products have been preferred (Goworek & McGoldrick, 2015).


The significant focus of these two companies has been very high which has created a significant environment where better understanding of the key marketing processes can be considered. Apple incorporation has a significant competitive advantage focused on its innovative strategy, which is popular among its target market and sets them apart with other players in the market. Apple has also identified its target market and focused on ensuring that the target customers are satisfied with the company performance in terms of products and services, which are being introduced into the market. Microsoft corporation enjoys a successful market segmentation where it has been able to engage effectively all the groups which have created an increased environment where they can perform effectively. Microsoft is a significantly diversified firm, which incorporates a number of products and services, which are compatible with other systems in the market thus improving its overall engagement in the market.

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