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Cultural, Personal and Social Factors Can Influence Consumer Buying Behavior of on Samsung Smartphone

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Cultural, Personal and Social Factors Can Influence Consumer Buying Behavior of on Samsung Smartphone essay
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Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. The Korean meaning of Samsung is ‘three stars’. It comprises various partnered businesses; most of them united under the Samsung brand, and is the biggest South Korean chaebol (business conglomerate). The Samsung Group was established in 1938 in Korea by Lee Byung-chull. Samsung basically focused on trade export within the starting. For example, vegetables, dried Korean fish, and fruit. Samsung entered the electronics industry within the late 1960s and the development and shipbuilding businesses within the mid-1970s; these zones would drive its ensuing improvement. The tagline for SAMSUNG Company is ‘Everyone’s Invited or Its hard to Imagine’. The tagline for SAMSUNG Mobile is ‘Next is What?’Product UsageSamsung sell smartphone for different type of usage for different of user such as for businessman, old people, student and so on.

Basically, the price for the Samsung smartphone is about RM 500 to RM 4, 000. Samsung Gadgets announced it is developing and expanding applications for eco-friendly packaging to help reduce energy use and support the recycling of unused resources. The company is additionally pledging its commitment to continuously developing the Galaxy series, applying next era eco-friendly material. Samsung Electronics’ environment-friendly efforts are well represented within the new Galaxy S5 as it utilized a 100% recyclable paper for the manual and packaging of it. Eco-friendly philosophy and efforts of Samsung Gadgets have been kept up all through the Galaxy Series. For example, the Galaxy S4 decreased roughly 1, 000 tons of CO2 emission, equivalent to protecting 110, 000 trees, by utilizing 100% recyclable paper packaging fabric.

Target Market

The target by Samsung Company is a really wide run of consumers extending from ordinary day to day utilization gadgets to industrial standard equipment. The target age group of customers by Samsung basically from the 20s to 50s or even older, as long as the individual has the capacity to buy and use the products that Samsung needs to offer within the market. the youngsters to early adults group (age 14 – 25) is the first target by the Samsung product consumers is ordinarily Samsung’s smartphone target clients. this is because most of they are mostly technology savvy. Samsung saw that this group has more investing power in recent years compared to within the past. The reason is this gather of customers is developing rapidly in the technology field. secondly, the biggest target of Samsung’s target market is this particular group which is adults (age 26 – 50). The reason is this group of consumers that have the most ability to buy any of the item Samsung should offer in the market be it cameras, smartphones, smart television or any other household items such as washing machines or vacuum cleaners. This parcel of clients will proceed to develop within the long time to come.

Cultural factors influencing consumer buying behaviour of Samsung smartphone


The culture alludes to the convictions, customs, rituals and practice that a specific bunch of individuals follows. The set of fundamental values perceptions, needs, and behaviours learned by a member of society from family and other vital educate. The culture varies from locale to locale and indeed from nation to nation. Culture is significant when it comes to understanding wants and behaviours of a person. It is important to get it and take into consideration the social factors inherent to each market or to each situation in arrange to adjust its item and its promoting strategy for a brand. As these will play a part within the recognition, propensities, conduct or desires of consumers. Understanding this reality, Samsung is continuously doing their best to touch the point of interest. Samsung Galaxy S is the new addition on this way. For example, a nation like Bangladesh which is socially exceptionally much rich in a sense includes a great appeal and enthusiastic connection with the music. Considering this Samsung has come up with extended battery life and huge memory storage (expandable up to 128 gigabyte) in their Samsung Galaxy S model. This make the citizen of Bangladesh will accept the product of Samsung because the product is suitable to their culture.


A society is composed of several subcultures. Each culture also contains smaller sub societies a bunch of individuals with shared esteem system based on common life encounters and situations. Each culture comprises of smaller subcultures that give particular personality to its individuals. In arrange to adjust a item or a communication methodology to the values or the particular needs of this fragment, the subcultures are regularly considered by the brands for the segmentation of a market. Subcultures include sub-castes, religious orders, geographic locales, and dialect. The conduct of individuals belonging to different subcultures is different. Each subcultures give more particular identification and socialization for its individuals. In each country we can see the youthful era is so dynamic and they continuously looking for highlights. There’s the Samsung System J effectively captured this portion. This is because Samsung Galaxy J series has Dual Camera, Infinity Display & Side Fingerprint so can attract the young generation for this segment.

Social Class

The social class is one of the critical as a factor affecting a person buying choice. It is the portion of each society and is the important cause of individual needs and conduct. The individuals are come from diverse social classes tend to have distinctive wants and utilization designs. There has three common categories among social classes which is lower class, middle class and upper class. For the most part, the individuals having a place to the same class are said to be sharing the comparable value, interest, and the behaviour. The consumers having a place to these classes have diverse buying practices. For illustration, an person belonging to the upper class purchase those items or services that advocate his status whereas the lower class individuals purchase those items which fulfil their fundamental needs. For those people belong on upper class will prefer Samsung Galaxy Note as their luxury but for those people Samsung Galaxy A already can be a better option. As it suits with their consumption pattern or buying behaviour. This is the reason Samsung Inc come out with several product such as Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy A, and Samsung Galaxy J to fulfil every social class’s people.

Personal factors influencing consumer buying behaviour of Samsung smartphone


Age and life-cycle have potential affect on the customer buying conduct. The individuals will purchase diverse items completely different stages of the life cycle. A youthful single would hardly be interested in buying a house, property, insurance policies, gold etc but compare to an person who has a family would be more curious about buying something which would advantage his family and make their future secure. Same like these days youngsters would be more inquisitive about buying shinning and loud colours as compared to a middle aged or elderly person who would incline toward decent and subtle plans. It is clear that the consumer’s taste and preferences around products and services changes with the section of time. Subsequently, Samsung frequently characterize their target market in terms of the buyers present lifecycle stage. Utilization of Samsung mobile is additionally influenced by the stages of family life cycle like bachelor stage, newly married couple, youthful & old couple and independent children uses diverse Samsung phone according to their uses. For example, Samsung introduce Samsung Galaxy A to the children especially girl because of selfies camera is suitable for trend nowadays.


Demographic also as a factor affecting consumer buying behaviour. Demographic can be different from individual to individual based on his age, wage, sex, instruction and conjugal status. It’s based on Bukenya & Wright (2007), experimental evidence contends that socio-demographic factors such as sex, age, educational status and income play an basic portion in choosing the utilization plan over the world it too can effortlessly take note the distinction between the buying choices and shopper behaviour of two distinctive individuals from diverse financial bunches. Customer focused on by Samsung smartphone is for all buyer. It is since they give several sort of item such as Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy A, and Samsung Galaxy J to satisfy customers require and need. For example, Samsung Galaxy A is main focus on these days teenager particularly girl since The Samsung Galaxy A focus on lets you enjoy selfies and wefies without a worry.


A personality of person also influences his buying conduct. Each person has his/her own characteristic identity traits which reflect by his/her buying conduct. Personality is the totality of characteristics of a man. Usually since Personality will changes from individual to individual, time to time and place to place.

Personality too is the sum total of an individual’s persevering internal psychological characteristics that make him or her interesting. Consumers personally tend to identify themselves with certain brands or use brands as a means of self-expression. It means that brands are also perceived to possess the personality in much the same way as humans. A gamer would always look for best quality gaming computer whereas a car lover would happily spend on Modified car, car racing etc. Personality means some total of appearance, knowledge and different types of skills. That’s why a man believing in innovation will go for Note 9 while a person loving indigenous product may purchase simple android phone. Samsung Inc come out with different type of smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy A, and Samsung Galaxy J to fulfil the nowadays consumer’s personality.

Life Styles

Lifestyle is another critical factor influencing the customer buying behaviour. Lifestyle is alludes to the way an individual lives in a society and buys the things concurring to his environment. An individual’s opinions and activities that reflect the way in which he lives within the society mean that that’s his/her lifestyle. It may be a person’s mode of living as distinguished by his or her activities, interest and opinions. Such as, if the person has an unhealthy lifestyle then he will not focus on organic products. According to Kotler et al, “Lifestyle is a person’s pattern of living as expressed in his or her activities, interests and opinions”. Lifestyle captures a person’s whole pattern of acting or interacting in the world more than profiling a person’s social class or personality. A person’s lifestyle is reflected by in his activities hobbies, opinions & thinking as, a man believing in simple living and high thinking will purchase Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace while a man living luxurious life will purchase Samsung Galaxy Note.

Social factors influencing consumer buying behaviour of Samsung smartphone

Reference Group

A reference group could be a small gather of individuals such as family members, friends circle, neighbours, classmate, colleagues at working environment, club members and so on. A reference group also allude to a group with which an person likes to get related by other and called as a member of that group. All the individuals of the reference group share common buying conduct and have a strong influence over each other. So that an individual attitude or behaviour have potential in forming by reference groups. The effect of reference groups varies by across items and brands. Consumers are regularly affected by other individuals. Typically for the most part since a large number of us as consumer need to ‘belong. ’ And so, we relay this responsibility to companies as they have to understand our needs for them to provide clear value to them. This means that understanding the impact of reference groups on consumer buying is useful to any business. For example, a person name Bryan wanted to purchase a mobile so he went to the nearby store and purchased a Samsung mobile. This is because his friends and colleague were using same brand mobile and they were satisfied by it.

Opinion Leader

Opinion leaders also may be a one of the social factor affecting consumer buying conduct. Opinion leaders are generally individuals who have the capacity to impact others. They usually have deeper expertise in a certain area, and are often looked to for help in making consumer decisions’. ‘Since most consumers are followers and rely on opinion leaders word of mouth, targeting highly imaginative opinion leaders appears more financially effective’. An example of an opinion leader that use by Samsung company is the Samsung use Jolin Tsai as the endorser of Samsung Note 9. This is because Jolin Tsai is a singer, dancer, actress, and businesswoman. She will become the opinion leader to introduction the Samsung’s mobile phone. Other than that, Youtubers, Vloggers, and social media personalities have greatly influenced consumer behaviour by trailing, reviewing and recommending products online through social media platforms. These posts are then viewed by millions of followers everyday. When Samsung company use this kind of advantage by using opinion leaders to promote their product, so that the consumer will buying Samsung product.


The family is the most reference group that will impact the customer conduct. Typically since the family individuals play a significant part in designing one’s preferences and behaviour. These days, children are not only get the data approximately products and services through media or friends circle, and other sources; they too develops his buying behaviour and preferences by observing his parents and tend to purchase the same products or services even when he grows old. Buyer behaviour is emphatically affected by the individuals of a family.

For example, Samsung Company use an advertisement which is couple package for a couple who buy Samsung brand handphone can get promotion discount 30% and family package for the family has children so can get 45% promotions. Therefore Samsung Inc is trying to find the roles and influence of the husband, wife and children. If the buying decision of a particular product is influenced by wife then the marketers will try to target the women in their advertisement. Another example is Samsung introduction Samsung Note 9 main to the businessman because of the easy use of S pen. So that some of the businessman/women also as a father or mother will promote the Samsung brand to his/her couple and children to buy it.


In conclusion, Culture may be a given down way of life and is regularly considered the broadest effect on a consumer’s behaviour. The groupings considered underneath culture are usually moderately large, but at least in theory a culture can be shared by a number of people. For the Samsung galaxy brand, it is critical to understand and take under consideration the social factors inherent to each market or to each situation in order to adjust its product and its marketing methodology. Typically since these will play a part within the perception, propensities, behaviour or expectations of consumers. As a big company for Samsung, they must know how to utilize the individual factor so that can impacts on client choice making to choose their item in term of each factor. When looking at the person factor, Samsung addresses customer behaviour concurring to the individual’s demographic, personal and lifestyle. These components change from individual to individual that result in a distinctive set of perceptions, attitudes and behaviour towards certain products and services.

Last but not least, the society is composed by several individuals that have distinctive favouritism and behaviours. The human beings live in a complex social environment; they are impact by several individuals who have distinctive sort of buying behaviours. The social factor is group reference, opinion leader, and family. In this manner, the Samsung Inc. require utilize some strategic such as advisement or advancement so that can impact the individual preferences of the other set of individuals. After that, it can make the customer continue tend to purchase the same brand products.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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