Roe V Wade Legalized The Freedom of The Aborting an Unborn Child

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Published: Dec 18, 2018

Words: 1475|Pages: 3|8 min read

Published: Dec 18, 2018

Roe v Wade legalized the freedom of the aborting an unborn child; the choice of Pro-choice, Pro-life with circumstances or Pro-life which are you? Abortion is one of the biggest issues, not only in the U.S but around the world. Abortion is when a woman decides to terminate a pregnancy. Which can be done by many methods such as Vaccum Aspiration,D&E,D&X,Labor Induction, Hysterotomy and a pill also called early non-surgical abortion. However, many ask, how did abortion become legal in the United States. Abortion became legalized when a case called the Roe v Wade came into session in March of 1970. This case all started with a woman, from Texas named Norma McCorvey who is also known as “Jane Roe “,wanted to terminate a pregnancy and a man named Henry Wade refused to terminate her pregnancy. Henry Wade was in favor of abortion only if the mothers life was in danger which was not the case with Jane Roe. At that time Jane Roe stated that the reason why she wanted an abortion was because she was rape later on Jane Roe revealed that she had not been raped and that she had made it up so Henry would preformed the abortion. The case went on for about three years. By that time Jane Roe had her baby but gave it up for adoption, however, Jane Roe did not want to give up the fight she wanted not just herself do for her but other girls in the future. On January 22,1973 the Supreme Court, in a decision seven to two, ruled in favor of Jane Roe and abortion was legalized.Yet being one of the biggest debates today not a lot of people know weather they are Pro-choice, Pro-life with circumstances or Pro-life and do not even know what each side stands for. Since the Roe v Wade case about 60,091,480.9 and the number has are still increased at this very second, women are having an abortion. In this paper we will see both side of this agreement and at the end you can decide which side you are on.

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The first side of this disagreement is Pro-choice but what is Pro-choice? Pro-choice is support the decision of a woman if they want to end a pregnancy.when having a baby everyone knows that your life will change and some women that are pregnant know this and get scared.Twenty-one precent of women that are not ready for responsibility have an abortion.Twenty-one percent have an abortion because they can’t afford a baby. And eleven percent get an abortion because they are too immature to have a baby. However, many who are Pro-choice state that they are Pro-choice because they believe that everyone should have the option to decide what is best for them. Secondly, people who are Pro-choice say that they chose Pro-choice because there is too many orphans no world. Approximately, there’s one hundred fifty three million of orphans around the world. Many say that being Pro-choice also has to do with women right. Women right say that a women has the right to vote, be educated, and have the right to do whatever they want to do with their bodies. Though most people agree that we should let women vote and should let women be educated, some don’t agree with the right to kill another human.

In every debate there are always who are in between the two choices. In this case it would be Pro-life with circumstances. But what it is that? Pro-life with circumstance is when you believe that there are only certain situations where one could have an abortion. One of these situations is if you have been raped. Rape is a issue everywhere where a women has a twenty-five to twenty-six percent chance of being rape. Which means one out of four women get raped. The reason why this is an exception is because it would be hard for a raped victim to look at something’s that their child does that is like their abuser. This is not the child’s fault because the child does not know it is just doing it because it’s in the genes. However only about two percent of women that are rape have an abortion. Which mean that if we only let women that were rape have an abortion we can minimize the odd of women having an abortion to ninety-nine percent. The next exception is fetal abnormalities. What is fetal abnormalities? Fetal abnormalities is when a child has a possibility of coming out with a birth defect. One in every third-three babies are born with birth defects just in the United States. When soon to parents find out that their child have a possibility of being one of these kids they get scared and don’t want to want to bring a baby in the world to suffer, so they decided to have an abortion. However abortion do to possible fetal abnormalities only make up six percent.

Finally, the last exception when you are being Pro-life with circumstances is if the mother’s life is in danger. Just like Henry Wade believed, abortion could be done only if the mother’s life is in danger. What does it mean when a mother’s life is in danger? This means that the mother body does not have the strength enough to go through child birth. However, the chances of dying during child birth is low. This mean that as many as three women die during childbirth just in the United States. Though chances are low to die during child birth many women and their spouses do not want to risk being one of those three. Which leads to the other choice and it is to have an abortion. With all these exceptions if we just allow women with these conditions to have an abortion, abortion will decrease ninety-three percent.

However, some do not think that their should not be any exception. This is when someone is Pro-life. But what does being Pro-life mean? Bring Pro-life mean that you are not in favor of abortion. This might be for many reasons. One of the reason why people are Pro-life is because killing a baby is murder. Many believe that the killing of an innocent human being is wrong and should not be right just because you are the mother of the baby. Why is it illegal to kill a pregnant woman and be charged with double murder but legal to kill a baby jay because you are their mother. This leads to if you are Pro-life you believe that a baby is a human at the time of conception, which means that the baby has human right. Anyways, this raise up a topic of is a baby a human at the time of conception or just a fetus. Weather you think that a baby is a human or a fetus it is still something living inside of you. Secondly, people who are Pro-life states that the abortion is against the Bible. In Jeremiah 1: 5 it says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before our were born I set you apart;I appointed you as a prophet to the nations”. How can a baby have the chance to do what God have told them to do if they don’t have a chance. Even if you are not religious there could be a chance of you baby becoming religion and can do what God has called them to do. Another reason why is because abortion decline the opportunity for adoration. If you a women who is about to be your mother and don’t want the responsibility then people who choose Pro-life believe that you should just put your baby up for adoption. Because so many women have had an abortion the number of abortion have drop from nine percent in 1973 to one percent from 1996-2002. Another reason why many say they are not for abortion is because the baby do feel pain. According to a baby can feel pain. At just twenty weeks a baby your baby is the size of a banana and they can swallow. Even before twenty weeks the baby can smell, touch, taste and many more things. And by this Pro-life believe that a baby can feel pain before many weeks before others say. At week five your baby is already growing into a human. At six week your baby nose, mouth and ears are starting to take shape. Even though thirty-seven point two abortion happen before the baby is six weeks the baby is still developing and as some would say feel pain.

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As I stated before because people who think that the baby is a human at the time of conception say that killing a baby is a violation of the human rights. The Human right law states that every human has the freedoms to live.

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