The Contributions of Google Inc

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Published: Jul 17, 2018

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Published: Jul 17, 2018

Google Inc. contributes to our society daily, through many of its ingenious ideas and items. Although it may seem like the majority of our technology comes from major companies such as Microsoft or Apple, this is not always true. One huge invention of Google Inc. is the modern day search engine. Google also has created The Cloud, Android phones, Google Chrome, and many other applications., or Google for short, is the world’s most widely used search engine. Google’s search engine can help you locate things such as directions, stores, idea’s for papers, and more. Now, many people ask, “How does a search engine work?” Well, I’ll tell you (Overview).

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Google Inc. uses programs called crawlers. Google calls them “Google Bots.” The job of a Google Bot is simple; they search over the internet for key words and URL’s, In order to form indexes. Google organizes all the information the crawlers bring back, and creates an index. Located in these indexes, is information on all of the website the crawlers have visited, keywords used to define the information, and also the URL. Google manages this massive index of thousands of websites, by splitting it up on many different super computers around the world (Technology).

When you type a search into the Google search box, it is sent to Google machines and compared with all the documents stored in their index to identify the most relevant matches. In a split second, the system prepares a list of pages and also determines the relevant sections of text, images, and videos. What you get is a list of search results in short little sections, and when you follow the link you will receive the rest of the information (Technology).

More of Google’s great inventions are the apps they invent every day. Applications, or Apps for short, are the items we use every day, in our normal use of a computer. Google has created a new form of computing called “The Cloud”. With cloud computing, the apps themselves live “in the cloud” on the web and you don’t need any installed software or hardware to use them as long as you have an Internet connection. Because of this great idea, you can access all of your information where ever you are from you’re phone, computer, or laptop. Instead of always having to update your programs on your computer, the cloud stays current automatically. Also, your files will not clutter up your hard drive space, because everything will be stored in a different location, solely managed by Google, which you can access whenever you need too. Your files are safe from any hard drive disasters that may occur, such as crashes, or short circuiting. All of the files you upload can also be viewed by friends, if you choose to let them. The Cloud can also be used in small and large business situations, in order to keep everyone current on projects, when people may not live in the same area. The Cloud will allow business partners to work on the same piece of information, without having to save their own file and compare later. The cloud will also allow family members to share photos and files, with the rest of their family around the globe. All of this is possible because of the ingenious invention of The Cloud. Google keeps copies of all the uploaded information on many servers, just in case one breaks down, or an error occurs. Your data is always safe and secure in the hands of Google (Technology).

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the world‘s largest source of information on the go. For many, a mobile phone is the primary or even the only means of accessing the web, so Google believes the best thing they can do, is design platforms that work well with all sorts of consumers. Their goal is to build mobile applications, which work across multiple devices and locations. Android is a free, mobile platform that Google has invented, that allows any developer or cell phone manufacturer to install on their product. Google believes that by providing a free cell phone platform, they will open up the spectrum of cell phones, to be capable of much greater use and efficiency.

Perhaps Google’s greatest and most recent invention is their web browser, Google Chrome. Google released Google Chrome in September of 2008, in the effort to design a modern browser, which can easily handle all of the complexity on the web. “We built Google Chrome based on three ideas: speed, simplicity and security” (Technology). The design of Google Chrome is sleek and classic, letting you focus on what you’re doing online rather than distracting you with unnecessary icons and messages. Although Google Chrome is simple, every aspect of the browser is optimized for speed. Their powerful JavaScript engine lets Chrome handle complex web applications at lightning speeds. Chrome was designed with security in mind, automatically updating when new bug fixes and security patches are available. On top of all this, Google is building Google Chrome OS, an operating system for a new generation of devices that will share Chrome’s focus on speed, class, and ease.

The Google Culture

Google is a company who has provided much for the world in the aspect of technology. One key aspect of Google’s success is there amazing, perfect care of their employees. At lunchtime, everyone eats in the office cafe, with complimentary meals provided by a highly trained kitchen staff in the company. Google believes that in order to provide top of the line equipment, all employees need to be comfortable, and recognize that Google is much more than a job, but they are a family. Commitment to innovation depends on everyone being comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Every employee is a hands-on contributor, and everyone manages several things, and is in charge of many jobs.

Because we believe that each Googler is an equally important part of success, no one hesitates to pose questions directly to Larry or Sergey in our weekly all-hands (“TGIF”) meetings – or spike volleyball across the net at a corporate officer. We are aggressively inclusive in our hiring, and we favor ability over experience. We have offices around the world and dozens of languages are spoken by Google staffers, from Turkish to Telugu. The result is a team that reflects the global audience Google serves. When not at work, Googlers pursue interests from cross-country cycling to wine tasting, from flying to Frisbee (Culture).

The corporate headquarters, nicknamed the Googleplex, is located in Mountain View, California. While offices are not identical, they tend to share some essential elements. Here are a few things you might see in a Google workspace: bicycles or scooters for efficient travel between meetings, dogs, lava lamps, massage chairs, “Googlers sharing cubes, yurts and huddle rooms – and very few solo offices (Culture).” Laptops, Foosball, pool tables, volleyball courts, video games, pianos, ping pong tables, and gyms are also included in most office buildings. Healthy lunches and dinners are available for all staff at a variety of cafes. Break rooms packed with a variety of snacks and drinks to keep “Googlers” as productive as possible (Culture).


“From the beginning, we’ve been working on technology that can improve on existing ways of doing business. We provide a variety of services and tools for advertisers of all sizes, from simple text ads to display and mobile advertising, and to publishers, whether small or large” (Business). Google’s first advertising platform, AdWords, was introduced in 2000, and their goal was to show people ads that are so useful and relevant that they are a form of information on their own. With AdWords, advertisers create simple text ads that then appear beside related search results as well as one of thousands of other sites. Advertisers select their own target keywords and only pay when customers click on their ads. It‘s extremely easy to create ad text and manage online advertising accounts.

As the Internet has evolved, so too have many ad formats. Google has many employees dedicated to display advertising, which is believed to be an area of significant future growth for Google. Google’s display advertising products include the Google Display Network, Youtube, and DoubleClick advertising (Technology).

“We aim to simplify display advertising so it’s easier for advertisers and publishers to manage campaigns across different formats, on different websites and for different devices. We also work to offer advertisers better and more measurable results from their campaigns, and to make display advertising open and accessible for every advertiser and publisher, from the smallest corner store to the biggest global brand. Simply put, a display advertising system built on better technology can benefit everyone on the Internet” (Business).

Mobile advertising is driven by the growth of cell phone use in the last few years. Mobile devices will soon overtake PCs as the primary way people around the world access the web. Google offers advertisers the ability to run search ad campaigns on mobile devices. Google also offers the ability for mobile websites and mobile apps to reach users on the go, which helps developers and publishers make money from their mobile content.

Google has been committed to bold ideas in business since they first introduced the Google Search Engine in 2002. While the creation of Google Apps continues to grow, more than three million businesses use Google Apps. The most commonly used Google apps include email, documents, and calendars. The Cloud is especially useful for the workplace because employees can access their data anytime and anywhere in order to share documents in a matter of seconds. Google apps are constantly updated, so employees don’t have to deal with new versions, reducing overall costs. Also, Google Apps can be more secure than traditional applications. Companies don’t need to manage software security patches because Google takes care of that. Google also keeps copies of your data on multiple servers in multiple locations, so in case something does go wrong, you will not be directly affected by it. “We continue to add value to Google Apps and our other enterprise tools for all of our business and organizational customers—current and future” (Business).

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Google Inc. contributes to our society daily, through many of its ingenious ideas and items. Google has invented Android phones, Google Chrome, ad platforms, The Cloud, and amazing business environments that add to the overall well-being of Google Inc. Google has also invented the most widely used search engine, that helps daily computer users to find all the information they are looking for. All of Google’s products are extremely profitable and affective, and allow many great opportunities for the world to be connected through the internet.

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