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The Reasons Of Fatigue And Lack Of Energy Among People

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According to in an article in 2016, there are “27 per cent of workers surveyed report being fatigued most days or every day during a typical work week.” The number of the fact above is not a big number but it is also not a small number. When the world is modern and developed more, people are stressed out more and exhausted. The reasons for this result are varied, such as the expectations of people around, financial, school, social media, and etc. Indeed, according to the article “A healthy lifestyle can reduce fatigue, boost energy” by David Norrie, people nowadays usually feel lack of energy. To prove this point, he points out three issues of people’s daily lifestyle: sleeping problems, stressed out and mistaking in the diet.

Firstly, people feel tied because of sleeping problems. Having a good sleep is very important. While people go to sleep, the body will begin to repair the tissue and process the cellular metabolism. Each night everyone should have seven to eight hours of sleep. If it is lesser than that, people will feel fatigue and exhausted. When this state keeps happening for a long time, people will get chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or sleep apnea. This is highly dangerous because lacking of sleep also leads to many serious diseases likes heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes, etc. Moreover, lacking of sleep causes accidents. “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that fatigue is a cause in 100,000 auto crashes and 1,550 crash-related deaths a year in the U.S.” only car accidents, workers will get injuries or have accidents while they are working because of sleepiness. Furthermore, poor-quality sleep affects the memory and the ability to learn and concentration. It also affects to people’s mood. Comparing to good sleeper, poor sleepers get mad easily and have a negative feeling about life. To conclude, people should change their routine and manage the time effectively in order to have a deep sleep every night and start a new day with full of energy.

Next, the other culprit makes people feel tied is stressed out. As mentioned, nowadays people have to worry about a lot of things. Due to this, people easily get stressed. Stress slows the immune system, reduces the ability of focusing and leads to lack of sleep. Prolonged stress will also cause overproduction of cortisol, which is a chemical helping body deal with stress and keep the immune system working effectively, leads to some serious diseases and a group of symptoms called adrenal fatigue. People have adrenal fatigue always feel drained. Indeed, stress is very dangerous. According to in an article named “The Effects of Stress on Your Body,” about forty three percent of adults are suffering many health effects because of stress. More than fifty percent of people have an emotional disorder due to stress. “The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) declared stress a hazard of the workplace”. Moreover, according to a study BMJ-British Medical Journal, “higher levels of stress at the start of the study were associated with a significantly greater likelihood of subsequently being awarded long term disability benefits.” Through some of statistics above, they show that the number of people have stress skyrockets. It is an obsessed disease in the modern life. All in all, stress makes people feel tired and influence to many people’s lives as well as their health.

Last but not least, the other culprit makes people feel exhausted is an unhealthy diet. Food is one of the most important sources gives the body energy. Eating in an appropriate way will help body always has full of energy for daily activities. People should eat small meals throughout the day and eat after every two to three hours in order to keep the body always has energy. Otherwise, it will slow down the metabolism process in the body which makes the body feel like running out of fuel and drains. One of the big mistakes is a diet skewed. For example, eating too much protein at one time will make the body overwhelmed as well as pushing the body into a “crash” state. Instead of this, people should eat low-index foods, which are lower in fat, and high in fiber, help the body digest food easier and give the body enough energy for a day. Although many articles publish information about a healthy diet every day, there are many people still have a diet skewed due to their desires, habits, belief and routine. According to, “globally, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults, and the number is growing.” Thus, wanting to lose weight is one of the common reasons. Due to this, there are many people skip the breakfast or try to eat at least as they can. In addition, nowadays most of people do not intake enough vegetable or fruit, instead of this they eat lots of meat or junk foods every day. As the result, people will not have enough fiber, vitamins, and minerals which are the important nutrition protect the body from high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancers. Eating meat too much also makes the body feel tied because of working hard to digest food. These are the reasons make people always fatigue. To sum up, everyone should eat in an appropriate way to have a longer life and full of energy for every day.

In conclusion, David Norrie has raised the main excuses causing people fatigue these days in the article “A healthy lifestyle can reduce fatigue, boost energy”. They are poor quality of sleep, stress and diet skewed. They are the facts. People should start reviewing their lifestyle now, and try to change it in a healthy way. They will make your day. By this way, everyone will have a happy and longer life expectancy. According to, “most Canadians enjoy reasonably good health, almost 12% of Canadians — nearly 3.5 million people — feel their health is poor or just fair.” The number 12% will increase day by day if people do not begin to change their bad lifestyle right now.

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