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Why Children Should not Have and Use Social Media

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Why Children Should not Have and Use Social Media essay
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There are clear reasons why I think children should not have and use Social media as it has a negative influence on children as it causes them to be distracted in many ways; many children have had accidents in the past, which relate to them crossing a road innocently. There have been catastrophic accidents which they have been involved in which is purely because they do not pay attention to the roads and just focus on social sites. It can be argued that social media is a good thing for young children.

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Firstly, If they choose to use social media, then they could effortlessly get harassed and bullied by people online, on different websites. A point for this would be; If they are bullied and harassed through this, and if this happens and they are persecuted, then this will make them feel damaged and do not know what to do. Another point would be They could undoubtedly get bullied through several social media sites such as, instagram, snapchat, (even facebook). Evidence to back this point up is; ‘Better health’ channel proves that, One child in ten has experienced cyberbullying, which is bullying through electronic channels such as sites like; Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

Another subsequent point would be; When they have posted a picture on instagram and people start commenting very detestable things such as mocking their appearance or harassing them in front of their friends on social media. Evidence of this would be; In a previous Post analysis, there were 804 reported incidents in the 2015-16 school year, compared to 686 the prior year and 178 in 2013-14, the year before the cellphone ban was lifted. The most common types of incidents involve fat-shaming and harassment over race, gender and sexual orientation. This clarifies what bullies can do to you through. also suggests that when it was still a thing and wasn’t banned, it caused serious problems. Another point would be; When they are using mobile phones and are on social media sites, then they can think things quite wrong,and they could even have serious, consequential thoughts, such as suicidal thoughts as if they get harrassed and made fun of online, then they may not want to be in this world anymore if they know that they are hated. The parents would probably not want to buy them phones. I have also learnt that children getting bullied through mobile phones is a very common aspect now, as a lot of people undergo it. This all due to social media.

There are also supporters of children using mobile phones for social media argue that it is good for them and beneficial for them. But this is wrong as what they do not understand is that they are genuinely not ready to have and use the mobile phones yet as they need some time to mature and develop. If they are harassed then they might not inform their parents. A piece of evidence would be;The Children’s charity NCH surveyed 770 youngsters and found 14% of 11- to 19-year-olds had been threatened or harassed using text messages. This proves clearly that these types of situations can arise. I believe that, when they are using any type of social media then they could undeniably get bullied and harrassed to an extent where they are acting very upset, then this would be a very major issue towards them. This also shows exactly why young children should not use social media at all especially at a significantly young age. My evidence proves that getting bullied and harassed by people through social media is exceedingly common these days and children do not perceive how perilous and unsafe this really is – which can strongly influence and destroy one’s feelings.

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Secondly, Contrary to what people think; They should not use social media on their phone when they are using social media as if they are walking on the street and crossing a road and they are on social media, then there is a huge chance that they could get into a major accident which would lead to many horrible acts. This is purely because of social media is a destructive force which is the indisputable fact that can lead to dangerous situations. An example of this would be; There are many pedestrians, (mostly children) that get into many accidents due to having and using social media when they are crossing a road or any street. As statistics show; in 2014, there were 446 pedestrian deaths due to lacking of paying attention to where you are walking and which direction you are travelling in.

There was also a megalithic increase in accidents in 2013, as there as a 12% rise of accidents when there were 338 pedestrians killed, which were a huge majority-children. Why do children think of social media as a game? The children that have been killed in the past because of this; its because when they are crossing the street, they would often be texting someone or browsing he social media but give zero attention to the road that they are crossing. Another piece of evidence would be that you could even die by getting hit by a train such as this example; Katherine Littlewood, 15, was hit by a train and killed on a level crossing last year; her iPod, headphones and the the BlackBerry on which she had been texting friends were found next to her body. This purely shows what impact it can give. In my view, when children are walking down the street, then they do not have focus of anything they are doing except them focusing on their social media and their phones. This shows the impact of them lacking attention to what they are actually doing. This proves that they do not think correctly when it comes to crossing the street which is a vastly important aspect. Children these days are addicted to social media. Furthermore, They shouldn’t use social media as they can communicate with strangers and they can get pressured into situations that they don’t want to get into. This is because they can get heavily cyberbullied, which in comparison to real life they can get hurt physically through strong violence, but online, they can really be hurt and incapacitated inside which is worse as this can put worse thoughts in their head. It can really bring the wrong mindset to one’s brain. This explores how if you get bullied through specifically mobile phones it is essentially ten times worse.

A point for this would be; This is because a lot of children highly leave their location visible on their phones which empowers anybody to view where that person exactly is which is highly dangerous. Also as statistics show that 14% of children have posted their home addresses online (in front of the public) which is very appalling due to the consequence that can happen due to this abhorrent act. What do children expect from the use of mobile phones at this age? Clearly, this is extremely dangerous to give a stranger your details such as an address, which can even lead to murder, rape and stalking. This evidence clearly proves that it is remarkably important to keep yourself safe in this situation because it can lead to very adverse things. Moreover, An opposing point: In comparison, they should have access to social media because they might have to contact someone but they are too focused on social media, like their parents if they are in an immediate emergency. They should have mobile phone on them, if they are in an emergency such as; if they need to get picked up from somewhere or if they do not have any money to buy their lunch, it is tremendously essential to be in contact with their parents.

There are statistics that strongly show that 73% of British ten year old own a mobile phone, 24% of eight year olds and 6% of six year olds. This is good as it allows them to be in contact with their parents most of the time if they are out or in school. Why do children not take this seriously when its with mobile phone use? They absolutely in no doubt have to be in contact with their parents or guardians at all times because if something goes wrong then they can at least let someone know such as their parents or guardians. This subsequently Underlines the importance of using social media at such a young age which can essentially aid them-And it also shows the importance of communications to parents which is key. I personally think that they should not be allowed for children at that age. This is due to them having many issues if they have mobile phones. The opposing side is precisely wrong as other people think that they shouldn’t but they should consider a scenario; such as, if they have to get picked up from school later on in the day (later than usual) then if they do not have a mobile phone to contact anyone then they would pretty much be totally helpless.

In Addition, There is a main advantage of this which is that they most likely will have to do some assigned tasks: such as homework from school, or they might need to go on an online website. There is a main advantage of this which is that they most likely will have to do some assigned tasks: such as homework from school, or they might need to go on an online website. Another point would be that ‘the Guardian’ states that ‘at the end of the day, children really should have mobile phones for school as it can boost up their resilience quite a lot. I think that this is a very strong and valid point in my views and opinions. Another point would be; They should have access to social media also, if they need to contact their teacher by email or any questions that they have regarding their education. But can this view really be official in a way? This strongly emphasises the benefits that it can have on using it for “educational” purposes instead of social media uses. This is exceedingly important because it can actually boost up the children’s resilience.

To Conclude, I ponder that children should not utilise social media at all, this is because of several reasons. The main point indeed being, because of social media and the harm it can cause to young people. There would be many such as they can get bullied, to many children encountering accidents which lead to be fatal. The opposing side, (which is the people who oppose this) they think that children should be allowed and should have social media. They should really think about their opinion as this really matters. The people who think that they should not have access to social media, they are exceptionally right in a clear way.

infoRemember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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