Case Analysis: Google, Apple, and Facebook Battle for Our Internet Experience

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About this sample


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Published: Jan 28, 2021

Words: 2391|Pages: 5|12 min read

Published: Jan 28, 2021

Table of contents

  1. Summary of Case
  2. Business Models and Strengths of Apple, Google, and Facebook
  3. Mobile Computing
  4. Which Company and Business Model Will Dominate the Internet
  5. Impact on Business and Individual Consumers if Companies Dominated the Internet Experience
  6. Relevant Research
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

Summary of Case

This case is about how Apple, Google, and Facebook who are the major leaders in the tech industry today have built various models in order to capture audience attention and produce the feeling of need rather than want in consumers. All 3 companies are striving to gain the consumer’s internet experience and want to make sure that users are getting all the benefits that they require to accomplish any tasks. Companies are trying to find multiple ways to attract consumers by improving their internet experience which comes with improving searches, music, video, and other media that you use in many devices on a routine basis. Apple, Google and Facebook are all trying various ways in order to compete for global advertising dominance as by out competing your opposition you will be able to gain more revenue and have profits which will allow investors to invest and trust your company. Many mobile devices with advanced functionality and ubiquitous Internet access are rapidly overtaking the traditional desktop machines as the most popular form of computing. These tech giants also have been scrutinized for monopolistic behaviour as their behaviour is affecting the innovation of the companies and is making consumers a lower priority as they wish to just have revenue.

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Business Models and Strengths of Apple, Google, and Facebook

All multimillion companies have one thing is common which is to earn their business through many methods while generating the most revenue in comparison to the competitors in the industry. Apple’s business model consists of creating a strong hardware base for internet use, and mobile computing which helps attract consumers as we live in a technological world. Also, it consists of distribution deals for licensing other’s content, integration of both hardware and software and also restricts user’s rights which focus on copyright laws, contracts and technology procedures. Apple has an advantageous competency which is how they make phones look both elegant for users but also design products which are functional in many ways. The consumer benefits from these products as they receive a product which works spontaneously, in comparison to products from other companies and as a result makes other users jealous and creates a want to buy that same product. Many companies have tried to copy Apple’s design and products but have been unsuccessful as Apple has created many product designs for computers, music players, cellphones and tablets.

Google’s business model consists of making products for the future that run both the applications and internet options at a lower price than they are being charged for right now as giving customers the best products at low prices builds trust, loyalty and long-lasting relationships as buyer and consumer. They also believe that the revenues should come from the in-app advertisements that the company offers. Google’s main competencies are embedded in software engineering through the content indexing and upholding a scalable hardware infrastructure. The company also offers a culture of innovation as they create new products which are not in the market yet as they have Google ads and Google mapping platforms to meet the demand of consumers of all ages. Facebook’s business model consists of having a customer platform for everyone to reach different individuals across the world in a non-traditional manner which is different from the regular business and manufacturing model.

Facebook stepped aside from creating a physical consumer product but instead made a consumer platform for everyone to use for multiple purposes. This model offers a strategic value as Facebook uses its platform effectively in forcing consumers to see many ads and offers that their friends and family may like and creates an incentive to take them as well to fit in with the crowd. Facebook along with trying to advertise to people, wants to capture ideas and valuable information from consumers without going through intermediaries. Facebook’s main competencies are creating large networks of friends and family by using words and phrases to suggest people who you may know. Also, it has created a life story of individuals by using the timeline and photos features. The photos features became popular when it bought Instagram which is a social media app intended to share photos with big audiences.

Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is essential in every major tech company in order to gain a competitive edge over the competition. Mobile computing is the use of many devices and gadgets made by the company to transmit information and data without being fixed to a particular place. By having mobile computing, it allows for very effective communication models as the mobile devices are user-friendly since they can be carried in your hands or in your pockets making them very easy to access. Mobile computing is important to Apple, Google, and Facebook because this feature allows the companies to connect with the consumers to help fulfil their needs and requirements according to their likes and dislikes. This can also lead to an increase in the revenue of profit for each company while having flexibility, efficiency, and making the future of internet technology. Apple, Google, and Facebook have all implemented excellent strategies in attracting mobile users to many accessibility features in order to build the relationship between consumer and the company. Apple, Google and Facebook all have their own revenue platforms. Google uses the web, Facebook has its own app and Apple has the iPhone.

Google’s mobile strategy is primarily focused on advertisements which Google allows companies to post their products and services on Google. Google does not charge Android for any of the manufacturing smartphones process including the OS system. Android is a free source operating system that phones use in order to save costs. Google also has its own devices such as the Nexus 7, apps like Google Maps on phones to help consumers reach their destinations. In order to challenge and compete with Facebook, Google came out with Google Plus and used Twitter as a social media outlet. Apple is the leading brand in the mobile industry. Mobile computing actually started from Apple with the introduction of its iPhone product. As Google gives users a Play Store to purchase items, Apple offers an Apps Store.

The Apple’s operating system the iOS is much more complicated for users to understand and use in comparison to the Android OS. Lastly, Facebook has made an app that is only for the use of smartphones which is available in both the app store and play store which provides mobile advertisements. Facebook’s strategy is to make sure that it is accessible to most social media users. They keep improving the features to accommodate people and to inform and entertain their users. It tries to create an effective mobile engagement drive that would make users connected across the multiple mobile platforms. Mobile computing for Apple, Google, and Facebook is important as it is the future of the internet technology and for these firms to flourish and expand, they need to be effective in their mobile computing.

Which Company and Business Model Will Dominate the Internet

In order to be the best and out compete your competitors, having applications and software’s that best meet the needs of your consumers gives companies a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry in meeting its business goals. Companies like Apple, Google and Facebook all are fighting to be the leader in the mobile computing market and in order to be the best they have to be precise and detail orientated with technological changes in their devices. Internet access and internet reliability carry a lot of importance and can change the way a firm grows. Google’s business model will most likely to dominate the Internet because their will always be a need and requirement for Google’s existence on the internet as it serves many purposes. Google has been in the industry the longest and has already made its own market share which is bigger than the 2 other competitors in the industry.

The more Google is able to invest in their search engine, the better customer service experience it will provide to users. Google’s model will not face much competition from the Facebook or Apple models since they are already competing with other companies in their industry which sell similar products and services. The public also play a critical role as there have been concerns raised about the negative effects of social media and social network communication. Apple’s products rely deeply on innovation from developers and makers of these products in order to create something new every time a product is brought out to the market. Facebook and Apple will continue to lead their respective markets in terms of innovation and connectivity, Google’s business model will be the most sustainable and will dominate the Internet.

Impact on Business and Individual Consumers if Companies Dominated the Internet Experience

If one of the three firms dominated the internet experience, the market would face a deficit of competition in order to keep the user’s satisfaction up. Each of the firms individually are dominating one segment of the user’s internet experience. By having competition the firms are able to be motivated to think of creative and innovative ways in order to enhance the consumer’s experience. For example, if in the future the three firms decided to join together into one firm, they would not be able to provide the best internet experience as they would have conflicting views as they all wish to capture the audience’s attention in different ways. If the companies dominated the internet experience, consumers would be forced to purchase only one product and use one service without any alternatives even if they do not meet their internet requirements.

A monopoly would be created, and everyone would have to follow the standards set out by the one specific company. This would impact all the business and individual consumers who use these products as they would get lower quality on these products and services and prices would be as high as the company would like to set them since they are facing no competition. It would also hurt the users as by having these companies dominate, they will have full control of the user data and how the interaction between the user and internet takes place in both mobiles and computers. Consumers will not be able to use the internet as they will be scared that their personal information and data may be tracked by the companies to misuse or find key information about them.

Relevant Research

The main lesson learned from this case is that in order to have consumer’s trust companies must create a want while fulfilling the need of having internet for consumer’s daily activities. By coming up with various products and services which involve the access and use of the internet has both advantages and disadvantages depending on how it is used. In order to dominate the consumer’s internet experience, companies have to be ethical and follow their business strategies in out-competing the competition. The 3 companies can keep up with the changes in Information Technology by offering new products to more individuals and meeting their specific needs through the use of internet and internal support by the tech department. They are also trying to generate revenue by making advanced and powerful internet access related services for all users and this can be done by having wireless hotspots which people can access to in public places and this hotspot would be able to provide wireless coverage for specific areas. The solutions found in this case can be implemented in other industries such as online purchasing industries like Amazon because Amazon also needs to use the internet to reach its consumers and offer them their products. Amazon needs internet access and internet availability since they wish to reach a wide range of consumers across the globe. However, there are some limitations such as inaccurate information and misuse of the internet in all areas of the work place as people may try to steal data and information about its competitors.

This case involves people, business processes, and information technology as in order for the tech industry to capture audience’s attention to their internet uses, they must work as an organization to meet the needs of its consumers and implement the practice of using the internet in their daily lives and this involves using a set of processes that will make everyone’s life in the company and industry much easier and everyone will be able to communicate effectively. The most up to date information that I can find about these three industries is that they have been asked to turn over internal documents by the US government to look for an antitrust regulation breach of the companies and the effect that this breach has had on its competition and consumers.

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In conclusion, we can see that Google, Apple and Facebook are the major players of the Internet industry that has already see profits of billions. The Internet was not meeting it’s expected goal as media, entertainment and business and workforces did not use the internet for its intended purpose. In the US, google drives 89 percent of internet search, 95 percent of young adults on the internet use a Facebook product and Google and Apple provide 99 percent of mobile phone operating systems. Apple, Google and Facebook were the first most successful businesses in taking a step to integrate services in their product-based world. These 3 tech giants hold their own benefits and have shaped the marketing platform through online advertising, social engagement, and standard of device interface. Google is a major market segment, and they have maintained their lead position in the search engine sector through innovation and technology so, now it is up to both Apple and Facebook to find strategies to compete against Google.


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