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Men's and Women's Skin Care: Differences and Peculiarity

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Table of contents

  1. Different Skin Types Need to Use Different Products
  2. The Differences in Hormones
    Shaving Care Unique to Men
    To Be Simple and Avoid Being Too Troublesome
    To Moisturize and Resist Ageing
  3. Conclusion

Many people think that skin care is a woman’s patent, specifically for men. It is rare for men to use skincare products in their lives, so many men still lack men’s skin care. But there are differences between men’s skin care and women’s skin care. What are the differences? Next, let’s discuss the difference between male skin care and women’s skincare. Let’s take a look.

Different Skin Types Need to Use Different Products

The skin of men is very different from that of women. The skin of women is thinner than that of men. It is easy to dry and wrinkles. Therefore, women’s skin care is smooth and tender, and wrinkles are nourishing. The various fragrances added are also based on created for women’s characteristics. The male skin is thicker compared to the female, the pores are thick, the sebaceous glands are numerous and developed, and there are thicker cuticles, so the skin is slower than the female, and the elasticity is better than the female skin, so it is not easy to produce small print, so wrinkle removal It isn’t the main purpose of male skincare, but more than 80% of male skin is oily skin. Excessive oil secretion can cause pores to clog and prone to acne or acne. This makes oil control the first task for male skin care, most males. Skin care products also have introduced oil-free formulas with this trait. The psychological amount of using skin care products is significantly diffent for men and women. Women use skin care products for beauty, men are more focused on health insurance and vitality. Describe a man’s skin is smooth and delicate, which means that he doesn’t have the manly spirit, but if used on a woman, it’s full of compassion, one a glimpse of the big difference between men and women in the positioning of skin care, to ensure that men should not use women’s skin care products.

The Differences in Hormones

The difference in skin quality, so that men’s skin care is not as complicated as a woman, as the men think before, the best way to take care of the skin is to clean skin, this sentence actually has some truth, the key is how can be washed. As a result of the difference in male and female sex hormones, men’s sebaceous glands and sweat glands are relatively strong, and the pH of male skin is acidic, the skin is easy to greasy, and the sweat is more. Therefore , cleaning is indeed the first crucial point of men’s skincare, but this is Cleaning should not be achieved by washing the face area several times. On the contrary, the more the face is washed, skin moisture is lost, and the skin will secrete more oil as a protective reaction. The result is “washing more oil” and oil and water imbalance. The end result is a blocked pore and acne. Because of the characteristics of oily, sweaty and acne-prone, the focus of men’s cleansing has become a ‘high-definition cool’ that effectively cleans and repairs the skin. It is not the same as the cleansing of women who pursue whitening nutrition, so if a man works on the girlfriend, Mrs. The cleansing products tend to increase the oiliness of the skin due to overnutrition, and are more prone to acne.

Shaving Care Unique to Men

The beard as a male symbol is also the focus of men’s skin care, and is an unique skin care step for men who can’t replace any women’s skin care services and products. Shaving treatments are divided in to pre-shave and after shaving. The shaving lotion used before shaving can make the razor blade closer to skin and reduce skin irritation, but whether it is blade shaving or electric shaving. The required process will produce more or less irritation to skin. After shaving, there will be some small wounds on skin that are invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, the after-shave treatment becomes an original link for men’s skincare. The lotion has a similar effect, and the aftershave can relieve the skin, astringe pores, sterilize and prevent inflammation and prevent infection and moisturizing.

To Be Simple and Avoid Being Too Troublesome

If you let a man sit in front of the mirror every morning and evening, and tirelessly apply seven or eight layers of skincare products in order, I am afraid he has already escaped. Therefor , men’s skin care services and products should be simple, fast, effective men’s skin care is most afraid of the burden on the face, hate the feeling of the face being ‘sticky’ by skin care products, which is not the same as women who prefer to use oily and nutritious skincare products. Therefore , the “zero burden” product that is not felt on the face is an essential criterion for judging the grade of men’s skin care products. The refreshing cleansing products, aftershave, firming water, and nongreasy, quickly penetrate into the moisturizing and moisturizing emollients. Cream is the first choice for men when using skin care services and products. In the skin care program, men’s special skin care services and products also strive to meet the nature of men’s troubles, and strive to be simple and fast, a series of 2-3 services and products are completely fixed each day for 5-8 minutes, for lipstick, eye cream, mask and other special bead care.

To Moisturize and Resist Ageing

With age, men and women are facing anti-aging needs, but it must be noted that men must not use women’s anti-aging products, one reason is that many women’s anti-aging products contain estrogen, yet another reason is as women get older, the amount of sebum secretion decreases, and the skin is easy to dry. However, men’s sebum secretion is not related to age, and it is always greasy. Consequently, anti-aging products for men usually start from moisturizing and moisturizing, and men grow with age. The metabolic rate gradually slows down, and the secretion of androgen isn’t balanced, resulting in excessive secretion of local sebum. At the moment, men tend to think that your skin is oily enough, no need for care, but the skin is actually in a state of water shortage. In addition , your skin of the male face damages the skin’s natural moisturizing film due to shaving and the like, and it is easy to lose the water luster and make the skin aging. Men may not care about wrinkles, nevertheless they are afraid of aging, especially premature aging, so anti-aging may be the skin cream used after men’s cleansing, the main effect of skincare milk, anti-aging skin care services and products in addition to anti-UV function (not necessarily sunscreen), also needs to contain antioxidants.


It is not surprising that even in the field of facial care, women and men need different approaches and hygiene products. Different hormones, skin types, social needs and psychological perception of the skin care process determine the main differences between women’s and men’s skin care.

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