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Physical Education Should Always Be Included in The School Curriculum

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Physical Education Should Always Be Included in The School Curriculum essay
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Should Physical Education be Mandatory in Schools?

Throughout the years there has been a steady increase in the percentage of obese children and adults in the United States. These people as a result of unhealthy dietary habits, meaning eating more calories than what is burned off, and by not following a routinely exercise plan they face many medical complications. The Complications include being prediabetic as short term and heart disease as long term. However, with the education of our children through classes like Physical Education, we can promote to them the importance of eating healthy and exercising routinely to stay fit and free from preventable diseases.

PE has both its pros and cons, some pros consists of healthy brain development and increase attention spans in class. On the other hand cons consists of low school budgets and a interference of a student’s academic studies. As a result of everything stated above, yes, it is important for the children of our generation to take part in a physical education class. For the reasons that this class provides whem with ideas and suggestions about how to take care of their own bodies in order to be fit and healthy.

Physical Education is very important in the United States for two main reasons: the first is that it promotes healthy dietary habits as well as exercising in kids, but also we as a people are currently facing our largest epidemic of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a result of a caloric imbalance, in other words, today’s children are taking in more calories than they need. Which when paired with improper exercise, like not playing outside, it results in the gaining of weight and could also be affected by genetic or environmental factors.

A study conducted by the Centers of Disease Control in 2012 states that the percentage of children ranging from the ages 6-11 and 12-19 were found to be 18% and 21% obese, respectively. With obesity also comes many immediate and long-term medical implications. Some of these immediate health conditions include various cardiovascular diseases like high cholesterol or blood pressure, and also becoming prediabetic.

On the other hand we have long-term health conditions that could develop if this person were to stay obese, and these include cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. However all this could be prevented with the guidance of Physical Education where kids learn how to eat right and learn the importance of exercising routinely, thus living a healthy lifestyle both dietary and physically.

Physical Education brings about numerous health benefits which helps to enlighten our country’s youth to healthy lifestyles and opens their eyes to eating healthier, and thus equally having them grow/develop throughout the years in a way that is imperative to their health. Some benefits include: ideal brain development, promotes healthy eating, and tackles obesity. Physical Education helps in the development of a healthy mind because it provides each student with a time to “discharge” and be worry-free. Which works because as students, we are sat down at a desk for almost 6 hours every day, however with a PE Class we have time to get our bodies moving, socialize, and effectively increasing our concentration levels in class.

Also, with the incorporation of Health Classes, many students learn to become and stay physically fit. This comes through being told, and hopefully remembering for our whole lives, that eating right and exercising routinely will make you feel much better through the release of endorphins and thus increasing the quality of our lives. Lastly, it tackles obesity because ever since a young age, many school age children are taught to live healthy lives. The reason why all these items are important is proven through the President’s Council of Physical Fitness, which describes children and adults as not getting enough exercise within their daily routine where only 33% and 5% are active each day, respectively.

Although many people believe that Physical Education is necessary and important to the well-being of their children, there are still many who disagree. These people disagree for various reasons, and some of these reasons include: Interference with Academic studies, School Costs, Potential for Bullying, and lastly PE is designed to “fit one certain group”. In the case of the interference of academic studies, many people argue that the need for PE breaks up class periods that could have been used to instruct students or teach new concepts.

Their reasoning is that gym becomes distractive and directly correlates with a student’s lowered concentration levels in class. Secondly, cost is a major one because schools all around the United States are facing budget cuts which as a result leads to the removal of classes deemed as unnecessary and in many cases that is PE because the paying of teachers, maintenance of the gym/equipment can become very costly.

This is relevant because according to the National Public Radio, around 30% – 40% of schools nationwide face budget cuts. Thirdly, many parents argue that gym has a potential for bullying for the reason that many students may lack coordination, some motor skills, and the inevitable person who is always “picked last”. Lastly, how they believe PE is is a “One Size” fits all, or in other words, many programs are designed to be tailored to the broadest group of people.

In our current world we are plagued with an obesity epidemic as a result of having fast foods readily available to us which then gradually leads to poor dietary habits and a non existent routine exercise.So, yes, we as a country should require for schools to reach Physical Education in order for our generation’s current children to eat healthy, and as a result also improve their lifestyle. In the past 30 years, the United States has experienced two major “epidemics”, the first being obesity which as a result has over 25 Million US citizens suffering from the second epidemic, which is underlying medical diseases.

These diseases include heart disease, high blood pressure/cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. However, Physical Education comes with its own set of benefits, and these benefits include brain development, healthy eating, and the tackling of obesity. Unfortunately, just like many topics, there is always a group to disagree with your topic. This group claims that PE Classes are detrimental to their work/school lives. These include 4 major problems which are school budget cuts, interference with academic studies, and potential for bullying. However, the opposite is true because through a study, it was found out PE helps with the development of the brain, and as a result promotes eating healthy and working out on a routine.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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