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Summer Internship: Content Writing and Review Under Web Department

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I feel deeply grateful to the institute for providing me an opportunity to explore the experience of working under a news organization, it is due to this summer internship that I was able to discover my interest in new media and broadcast media.

In this period of 6 weeks I went through tremendous news filing and learning various prospects of how a news organization works, being led by the professionals in the field and being guided at every step it only helped me grow my skills of judgment and opinion making.

I would like to thanks INDIATV for providing me an opportunity to complete my summer internship under their reputed organization in new media. I would also thanks all the members of web department and the associates of INDIA TV for providing a coy environment for this period.

I also feel duly thankful for having the guides who kept motivating throughout the summer internship and for looking out in the positive and finding the real passion that I uphold today with firm understanding and interest.

It was a journey that I will nourish as one of the best experiences for working under a media institute, it gave the structure to my academic studies and practicals.

I am also grateful for my parents and friends who kept encouraging me to put in my best during the period and were a constant support throughout.

Through this I would also acknowledge the efforts put across by the industry mentor who held a lamp of hope and buoyed up the spirit of working towards a great end.


The media industry gives you plethora of opportunities to explore the impact of opinion on masses and to educate and inform about the rights of individuals, to choose a particular medium for a career thus becomes challenging. A news organization is focused on providing updated news that comes with good audience feedback and has outcome oriented information delivery.

The structure of a news organization is such that it has hierarchal designations to provide input and output, moreover with the advent of tech-savvy population it has become of utmost important to have intellectuals in every specified field.

Web department being the one which connects a larger audience size and every minute information to the people around the world doesn’t just becomes the fastest medium for dissemination of information but also the most preferred medium to keep individuals updated.

Web department is also divided into different segments to channelize the energy and resources required to render information of all spheres at an individual portal of the organization. Thus, to acquire thorough experience in the field I procured a political and news desk for this summer internship.

It was of great significance for making correct judgment between news and general information for the public, moreover political aspects of web department kept the link between the broadcast media and new media intact.

This report will be based on my understanding of the roles employed by the professionals in the web department of the news organization that I got to work with and learn the methodology employed in the framing and significantly publishing the righteous news stories.

Objective of the Study

  1. Learning to distinguish between real news, simple facts and hoax.
  2. Understanding the role of web department in content writing and review.
  3. Filter out the web oriented information from the broadcast or print stories.
  4. Churning out the information based on the specified beats.
  5. Understanding the functioning of web department in the news organization.

Conceptual Framework

In a news organization the web department works in real time to meet deadlines for every working hour unlike print or broadcast media. Stories are supposed to be uploaded on time without any delay of a second as time is the most valued asset when working for an online portal.

Working on real time news also makes it necessary to be amongst the first ones to deliver the news also make sure that the news is accurate and credible so that the organization does not defame its reputation. The web desk ensures that every news is delivered in time and is updated with the hyperlinks of the follow-up stories related to any progress to it, it is the only medium which provides the readers with the record of archived stories that was ever published on its online portal.

Web has different segments for different kind of beats like sports, entertainment, politics, business and economy, so the viewer can look upon specific information one is seeking for.

Web department also has a wide range of sources ranging from the news alerts, breaking video alerts, YouTube, twitter and anonymous public connections which help the news desk to reach to a wider audience and provide evidences for news credibility.

The functioning of the web department is quite interesting in its own self, as it has a wide range of intellectuals or experts of various fields who put in their ground work with the tech- savvy input desk editors to bring out an informative and attractive piece of information for its viewers.

The news once broadcasted on the news organization’s station might lose its on-air value as a current affair but the same news bytes can be used in new media with the additional story content for augmenting the website quality.

Job Profile

Roles and Responsibilities

The amount of work that was assigned on daily basis on the news desk was sufficient to gain the basic understanding of website functioning.

Initially an intern team was made for proper learning and evaluation of the work.

We were assigned political and news desk, where we were supposed to chop the news of political importance from the regular information. Every minute being a deadline, we were supposed to guide the seniors for any advancement in the stories either filed on the subscribed agency or reported on broadcast station.

Research was also the part of our responsibility to provide a strong backgrounder to any follow up story and for making a story more factual and accurate.

The industry software and messenger were kept under our surveillance, and almost 15 stories were assigned on per day basis. Feature stories were also to be filed under us with proper ground work and research of the story at hand.

It was our responsibility to update the twitter handle of the organization, for all the stories filed at the news desk. Twitter being one of the most influential medium to convey the information and government policies required an eye for every millisecond.

As an intern we made the major part of input team in filing the laid in news and publishing the articles of public interest which also made us learn the working of new media in real time.

Experience of Work

Working for a media house gave a wide range of exposure into how an industry works and the technicalities that goes into making of a newscast. Being at desk wasn’t a limitation because we were offered an open ended work environment to scrutinize every field ranging from production control room, news desk to the studio which aided us in making right choices.

Thorough working at ‘betacms’ for six weeks helped me to strengthen my skills on the software, it also made the work experience efficient and expedient. The nine hour working schedule for updating news and newsworthy information over this internship period helped me strengthen my knowledge base.

Working with intellectuals from their specified fields provided deep knowledge in specific subjects also the technical department helped me learn the ways through which I could work with more efficiency giving more time to information dissemination rather than baffling around with unwired technicalities.

Senior editor and correspondents in political beat helped us understand the situations, ways to analyse the actions and reactions. A good range of sources were introduced for gaining correct knowledge in the right time. They also made us learn the importance of presenting simplified news which ensures larger audience coverage and also helps the organization portray the information without any misinterpretation. Working under them made our path more perceptible and their thorough guidance helped us write good informative stories.

While working on the desk for long hours and having been heard the experiences from print media, I did realize that web doesn’t have long stretched deadlines of a day long. Instead every single second of working at the desk was a deadline to feed a news update.

Another thing that I learned during my internship was analyzing the competition among the opposing media houses in the same beat which helped me in improving my content quality. During the studio sessions we were faced by the senior journalist and political leaders which was very beneficial for my career. During the broadcast session of ‘Kurukshetra’ in the organizations, we were given the chance to put across our understanding of politics and related information having the opportunity to interact with the senior leaders of various parties gave us a wider vision of existing political scenario.

For writing the feature report I was under the supervision of senior editor MS. Arshi Aggrawal who helped me churn out the important information and put across the opinion in simplified way. In many ways the guidance was helpful and helped me in improving my writing skills as well.

All in all this internship paved a way for me to decide a specialized course which I might take in future, and also to understand the industry environment for future references.

Review Of Literature

During the internship to acquire good political knowledge I referred to the following websites and research work to get a stronger content base and understanding.

Scope and Methodology

Web department consists of a team of content writers, video editors, program operator and technicians from IT department also cooperate for efficient news reporting.

Basically the web department works to make the website of the organization more attractive and informative including various beats that fulfill the requirement of interested from every demographic sphere. To produce content with strong background information the company employs experts or intellectuals of specified fields that work under different desks.

The generation today which schedules every activity and moves on a tick of the clock, believes in the fastest and updated medium providing a flexible reach and back up of information at hand. Therefore web department of a news organization provides a long term scope for the media aspirants who can employ their knowledge of sports, business, economy, politics, and defense to a single medium.

Web department also gives a platform to the young journalists and socially active individuals who have a heart for spreading the word of law and information.

Unlike print industry the web department in an organization estimated to see a boost in the media industry soon enough. It connects the freelancers also who have a versatility of working for gathering information.

The social media has infused in our lives so much that anything which trends becomes of utmost importance for people to know, new media has been overshadowing all other information mediums like newspaper, television, radio due to its wide audience, flexibility and features of accessibility at any time.

Giving newspapers a tough time create a platform for itself; new media has influenced the youth most because every minute government action or national importance news is now just a ping away. Also the youth today which is influenced by social media is connected to every fastest news delivering medium.

The advertising industry has also been investing on the web departments of the news organizations which opens the scope for digital marketing and attracts more people towards the internet department of news institutes.


The method of publishing a particular news story in the web department isn’t very complex but it does involve a few steps to make the news gain a platform visible to its audience on their preference basis.

Initially in the summer internship, we were taught to deploy our skills in using Betacms, the software used by the web department of India TV to publish, highlight or deactivate any story form the web site of the organization.

The very basic step in filing any news story was to go through the data, facts and figures mentioned in the story suggested by the prescribed agencies of in- house sources of the story, then the story is revised and looked up for the typos according to the policies or standards of the news organization.

After a draft story is created in the betacms it is checked and rechecked by the desk writers for the errors and then updated with the pictures and related stories of the websites. The stories published on the site are put across in larger mediums like Facebook and twitter to reach out the youth and off website readers.


Towards the end of this month outstretched summer internship it was clear that in order to work under a media organization one has to have a specified field in mind to carry out proper research.

This job gave us the building squares one requires for our future. The internship helped set the establishment for the specific field we want to pursue and gave direction for us to find our way further in our career.

A standout amongst the most critical things I got to learn through the internship is the in-depth processes that take place in an organization. This incorporated identifying and completes the duties that are significant for our profession and honing the abilities that you as of now have. Recognizing the specific roles and responsibilities of a journalist in their beat specializations and, as far as possible, to effectively participate in these roles and responsibilities was major part of the regular processes.

Most of the students consider that internships for the most part comprises of running errands for people throughout the day, however that isn’t valid. This temporary position is a chance to try out every one of the aptitudes that I had learnt till date and perceive how they work in reality. This enabled me to further create and refine my professional aptitudes with respect to fieldwork for the particular beat and the more extensive network of sources. It was all because of the day-to-day responsibilities that I could get hands-on experiences from that I actually appreciated staying busy from the moment I entered the office at 10 a.m. till when I left at 7:30 p.m.

But of course, it doesn’t end there. It was beneficial to me that I also got to try my hand at new abilities during this internship. For instance, I also ventured through beat of journalism that I hadn’t concerned with before and methods and software+ that are opted by the industry. Regarding genuine work, adapting never stops, and it’s was a great opportunity to able to begin adding to your aptitudes list early. Few days into the job, I pitched an anecdote about US President Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-Un that I had read of and it wound up being the follow-up story that I am most satisfied for till date, not on account of the fact that it had my by-line on it but since it was something that I had driven at all the way. It was a work that I had done all on my own.

A fresh job can be hard to get accustomed to. Therefore, this internship also was the most ideal approach to figure out how to explore the functioning system through real time, practical understanding because one of the most important factors that stand in our way in a professional setting is the capability to talk with other individuals in involved in an official setting. Exchanges with colleagues are hardly the same as talking with our mentors and friends. Developing an awareness of other individuals in the organization and the network whose work underpins the news broadcast, and their parts and obligations, for instance, the chief editor, the sub-editor, the MCR, PCR, anchors, etc. aided in learning how to communicate with them professionally. In a quick paced media organization, it’s better that you invest the required time to comprehend an issue than fixing a blunder later. My mentors and co-workers were glad to answer my inquiries and I comprehended my activity better for it.

Also, contrasting to our everyday learning sessions, the individuals you communicate with amid an internship invest with us in an official setting and get to know about our work. In this way, these associations may help us get a better prospect in the future.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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